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Renowned Healing Expert Leena is an Occultist, Certified Grandmaster of LamaFera, Grandmaster Reiki, Tarot Master, Numerologist, Psychic Healer, divination expert and a Spiritual Alchemist.

She has been practicing and teaching various forms of healing, esoteric and predictive modalities from more then two decades.
She heals and offers help to people dealing with various mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, psychological issues & conditions, be it protection from psychic attacks, evil eyes, enemies, manipulators, negative energies, dark entities, protection from energy vampires, solution of relationship crisis, etc.

She heals and offers help to those who carry around unhelpful energetic burdens, people ‘low in energy’ or ‘generally feeling out of sorts’, having depression, anxiety, bipolar stress, insomnia, bad dreams and offer healings for the removal of blockages, curses, voodoo, hexes and black magic.

Her healings align your inner resources with the flow of the universe & spirit to actualize your purpose and transformation. It is not linked to a particular religion. It is not a faith healing – even very skeptical people are also healed.

Each healing session is in itself a complete concept and is taken by Leena personally with utmost care, compassion and confidentiality.

You can contact her on the given email address or numbers.

Love and Blessings!!

Grandmaster Leena Yashpaul

Grandmaster Leena

India's Inspirational women Awardee 2021

Powerful Women Awardee 2021

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Vedic Switch Words

Hoodoo (Conjuring)

Name Numerology

Spell Casting & Crafting

Advance Mobile Phone Numerology

Scientific Logo & Visiting Card Designing

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Witch Board Dowsing Course

Yantra Making

Advance Chakra Healing Course

Conjuring Oil Making Course

Crystal Magic Course

Reiki Healing

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Get Psychic help for all problems

We offer many spiritual healing services for people dealing with various emotional, psychological and physical problems. Experience complete holistic healing through the right energies with Grandmaster Leena.

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