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Signature Analysis


Signature Analysis

Do you know that some types of signatures have flaws that can lead to continuous run of ill fate and downfall of a person in all areas of their life? Do you know that signatures you adopted as a child or teenager, may not be the best option for you?

Get a signature reading done today at LeenaHeals and know the answers. Our signature is a Blueprint of Subconscious Mind. Signatures depict the personality of a person. Every person has different signature that is because they have different personalities and different outlook towards their life and world. In signature every letter has a meaning and same is the case with underline and dots. They depict something about the person.

Signature reflects your nature. Signature tells about person’s branding of his/her own character, capabilities, strength, weakness, reflections, authority, behavior pattern at large in public/on stage/with common people. Public image is the image someone wants to project at office/public place. On the other hand script or handwriting reveals personnel image i.e. the way writer deals in a particular set of personality parameters, with close people and relatives.

Signature is minimum set of letters which gives maximum information about a person. You can find a lot of fellow surrounding you having entirely different images at personnel level and at public level e.g. someone who is very daring at public is very nervous, fearful at home front/personnel level, and vice versa. People have two different images depending on the difference in their handwriting/script and signature. More the difference in script v/s signature, more the variation in two images of a person reflected in their personality.

If we change the way we sign our names, it will result in a change of attitude. The signature changes will also raise your confidence level, remove your personality roadblocks, help your professional growth and improve the quality of your relationships.


Types Of Signatures You Must Avoid

After a detailed study of signature analysis Grandmaster Leena strongly prove how some types of signatures are healthy, while many others are absolutely dangerous. Examples are as such:

Signature Analysis: Conclusion

Now, you know very well what not to have in your signature. If your signature matches with any one of the types mentioned above, get your signature ANALYSIS done to change them correctly for desired results.
Remember, if your signature is not formed well, it can misinform others about you and send out wrong or conflicting signals.
However, if you want help from Grandmaster LEENA in cleaning up your signature, get in touch with her for a signature analysis. The changes suggested by her will certainly help you.

improve your personality and become a much more confident person.


Signature Analysis


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